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Rainbow Fit Kids Club

Program Overview:

Rainbow Fit Kids Club is a collaborative effort with Prime Fitness to create a healthy attitude and lifestyle for the children of Rainbow Kids Clinic.


  • Established Patient of Rainbow Kids Clinic
  • BMI greater than 85 percentile for age
  • Highly motivated child and parent


This 12 week program includes three key areas of success:

  1. Medical: Initial assessment, including physical exam, measurement of height, weight, Blood pressure and blood work (if applicable). This is followed monthly for 3 months and then two more checks one at 6 months and then again at 9 months.
  2. Nutrition: Practical tips for healthy living including: healthy snacking, reading food labels, portion control, the best food to have at each meal, and lots of other great information.
  3. Exercise: The aim of the program is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to focus on general fitness by addressing flexibility, speed, strength, and endurance in a family-friendly, encouraging environment.

After successful completion of the initial 12 week program and lifestyle changes the follow-up medical visits at six and Nine months will provide an opportunity for each kid to start another 12 week program or continue participation in a maintenance program offered for patients who remain consistently engaged.

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